Yacht Galina.


The yacht “Galina I” of the brand “Bénéteau Cyclades 43.5” is an autonomous “sailing sloop”, its length is 43.5 feet (13.5 meters). It was launched in 2007.

Inside the yacht you may find a wardroom, 3 double cabins, a kitchen with a stove and a fridge, a captain’s corner.

The cabin contains a double bed, a small closet, lockers and shelves, portholes. Each cabin has a bathroom with a shower, hot water, a sink and a mirror.

We have an inflatable motorboat on the yacht, which makes it easy to get to the shore.

Cleanliness and comfort are guaranteed.


What you need to know


Navigation – from December 1 to April 15.
Your boating trip may begin at one of the following islands: Antigua et Barbuda, Guadeloupe, St-Maarten, Martinique. It depends on your wish to see the world and the operations of the international airport on the island.
The minimum number of guests is 2 people, max. – 4 people
The cost of one day of travel for two people is 250 USD, for four people is 350 USD. The price includes only operational costs of the yacht in the Antilles.
This service is not a commercial project and can not be considered as a public offer.

What is included in the price:

  • two double cabins with shower and toilet.
  • bedclothes and towels.
  • fuel for the yacht – 60 liters.
  • cold fresh water – 250 liters.
  • gas for cooking;.
  • electricity in the marina (arrival / departure).
  • training how to sail (upon request).
  • use of all the inventory in the yacht.
  • service of the captain.

Costs of yacht parking in the port (marina), additional calls to ports, water, electricity, Wi-Fi are paid separately at approximately 50 USD per day

On the day of arrival, the captain treats you to dinner

* In the marina, drinking water and food are purchased at the expense of passengers.
Important information about water and food: 500 liters of fresh water is enough for 4 people and 5 days (to take a shower and to rinse after swimming in the ocean). If we try to save it, we can use this quantity of water up to 10 days. The approximate cost of the food and drinking water for 2 people is around 250-350 USD per week, strongly depending on your choice.

  • flight.
  • visa support.
  • transfer.
  • food.
  • health insurance.
  • dishes (from saucepan to can opener).
  • bedclothes.
  • life jackets.
  • first-aid kit.
  • masks, snorkels, flippers.
  • fishing rods.
  • books for reading.
  • please, carry luggage only in soft bags or backpacks (the space is limited, so we can’t place the hardcase suitcases).
  • seasickness medication (just in case).
  • drugs to treat allergy symptoms (just in case).
  • hygienic and personal care items.
  • sunscreen and after-sun cosmetics (starting from spf 40).
  • sunglasses.
  • hat with a brim.
  • towel for suntan.
  • slippers for the beach.
  • sun protection long sleeve T-shirt.
  • clothes and shoes to wear to the beach.
  • abuse alcohol.
  • smoking on the lounge and in the cabins.
  • violate the safety rules on the ship.
  • interfere with operation of the vessel.
  • jump from the yacht without the permission of the captain.
  • give the commands to the captain.

The captain is responsible for the safety of the crew members (there are no passengers on the yacht, there are crew members)

The skipper (the captain) is not responsible for cleaning the yacht during the trip. It is not his duty, but nevertheless, as a rule, he maintains the yacht clean, because he wants to, and he is classy. You are welcome to help him to do this.
We offer coffee or tea every morning before breakfast. On arrival supper from the Captain.

You can cook by yourself, which is not difficult: the yacht is equipped with everything you need. You can eat at the seaside and city restaurants if you wish.